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10 Apr 2015

12 Sep 2014

Let’s Paint This Town Red!

London is grey in many things, but it has the most brilliant marketing. It’s the only city in the world that campaigns an integrated branding successfully with its iconic red: the double-decker, the royal postbox, the phone booth, the underground, the royal guard, Sir Branson’s Virgin empire, BBC, and even Kate in red. Take a […]

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13 Jun 2010

Firing Kalashnikov

When I arrived in Riga I decided I wanted to do one of the two things that I’m afraid to do in life. One, being an acute acrophobic I wanted to board the hot air balloon. I thought what could be more romantic than die young in a fallen hot air balloon in Riga, the […]

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28 Dec 2008

Varanasi’s Imprint

Varanasi seems to be efficient at first. People told me that I need to get into the inner pocket of India to see the real India, otherwise my trip would be incomplete, shortsighted, etc. So I decided to go to Varanasi and Sarnath. The two towns are only 13 km apart from each other, which […]

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17 Dec 2008

The City Of Piss And Spit

My plane touched the ground of Indira Gandhi tarmac a few hours past sunset. I arrived an hour behind schedule due to bad weather in Chicago. The airport was ordinary until I walked out the exit, then it became unusual. The structure was decent, but as soon as I passed the metal barricade I was […]

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25 Oct 2007

The Pillars Of Morocco

Morocco is a mystical land consists of a lot of funny and interesting people. It’s the crossing point of harmonious clash between the entrepreneurial Arabs, the laid back Berbers, and the opportunistic Europeans. I can’t help but integrating myself into the Moroccan culture rather quickly. It exudes an exotic charm that matches no other places. […]

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23 Dec 2006

Sleeping With The Maasais

The road was serene and picturesque. This paved road heading north towards Kenya was built less than a decade ago to accommodate tourism. Acacias and baobabs lined up on the left and right of our route and occasionally we passed by the Maasai herders and their cattle. We were driving along the Great Rift Valley […]

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